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Mark Heap's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Mark Heap

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Spaced Icons Friday  10.30.09  18:35   ]

43 icons from Spaced 1.01-1.04 (Beginnings, Gatherings, Art, Battles)

Proffesional couples only.
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Behind the scenes at Lark Rise to Candleford Friday  05.08.09  17:49   ]

There's a behind the scenes video here, but I can't get it to play in my area, so I don't know if Mark Heap is in it:

He is in this DVD extra though:
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Mark in Lark Rise to Candleford Wednesday  05.06.09  14:02   ]

[ mood | energetic ]

Mark plays a supporting character in Lark Rise to Candleford. Some kind person posted the first ten episodes on Youtube:

His presence varies from episode to episode, but its very good even in parts that he isn't in.

Here's an article about it with quote from the Heap:
There will be one obvious difference between series one and two, though: there will be no Dawn French. As we know from the Christmas special, French's character, the loveably wayward Caroline Arless, has left the village of Lark Rise. French was too busy promoting her autobiography and doing a comedy tour with Jennifer Saunders to take part in the second series. Mark Heap, who plays the stiffly withdrawn postman, Thomas Brown, says French's hearty wit is missed on set (and, he adds jokingly, "The food [for the cast] isn't as sumptuous this time, I've noticed").

Whatever the merits of this theory, the characters in Lark Rise are certainly well-mannered – which pleases Heap, as it means that this is the first programme he's been in which he's happy to watch with his 11-year-old daughter. (He's previously been in edgy comedies such as Channel 4's Brass Eye.)

"It gives you a nostalgic hankering for simpler things," he says. "In Lark Rise an engagement can last four years and they've barely held hands. Whereas these days, they're all on Jeremy Kyle."

I didn't know he had a daughter. You learn something new every day.

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More Mark Heap clips. Saturday  05.02.09  22:06   ]

[ mood | apathetic ]

The Two Marks perform a juggling routine on Saturday Live.

Mark in a very old ad for Carlsburg.

Clip from a short film called "Out of Time".

Mark in a music video.

Mark wears a meat costume in this. Also featuring Ed Byrne.

More awesome clippage to come, my fellow Heapsters.

Oh, and can someone explain how the hell you embed a video? I'm too stupid to figure it out.

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Mark on No Heroics Friday  05.01.09  21:49   ]

Hi. I'm an American anglophile who has a newfound appreciation for the coolness that is Mark Heap after watching a lot of Spaced, Green Wing, and Big Train. Anyway, I thought I'd share this clip with my fellow Heapsters, assuming that this community isn't totally dead:


Mark is in episode 4. I sadly can't get the damn clip to work for me, so I hope at least someone gets fun out of it.
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Sunday  06.08.08  15:18   ]

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Big Train Icons. Monday  05.05.08  22:01   ]

Just uploaded my icons for Series 1 Episodes 2 and 3 of Big Train, featuring Simon Pegg, Mark Heap, Julia Davis, Kevin Eldon, Amelia Bullmore etc :] You can see them here @ icon_shez. Please credit if you take any, and I like comments :]

x-posted a little. sorry if you see this a few times!
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Big Train Icons! Monday  04.28.08  22:01   ]

44 icons from Series 1 Episode 1 can be found HERE at my icon journal. Hope you like them :]

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Tuesday  04.10.07  21:45   ]

I quite like his face.
It's a good face.
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Mark's juggling techniques Thursday  01.18.07  00:42   ]

[ mood | impressed ]

That's pretty fucking amazing, if I do say so myself.

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