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More Mark Heap clips.
The Two Marks perform a juggling routine on Saturday Live.
Mark in a very old ad for Carlsburg.
Clip from a short film called "Out of Time".
Mark in a music video.
Mark wears a meat costume in this. Also featuring Ed Byrne.

More awesome clippage to come, my fellow Heapsters.

Oh, and can someone explain how the hell you embed a video? I'm too stupid to figure it out.
Tags: out of time, two marks
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Thanks for posting!

As for embedding from YouTube; there should be a box with info on the person who posted the video, with two links, one with the 'Url', and one that says 'Embed'. Just copy and paste the 'Embed' link, and that should work (although it doesn't show up when you're preveiwing a Livejournal post, it should once you've actually clicked 'post').
Ah. I tried that, and I thought it wasn't working when I clicked preview. Thank you for the info.
No problem!